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Ottawa's Luxury Condos are the Hottest Toys in Town

Ottawa is seeing a plethora of new-build luxury condominium projects being built along with increasing luxury resale purchases to satisfy the needs of changing public tastes along with ever-increasing average salaries and and steady influx of new residents seeking a more carefree, luxurious lifestyle.

Should I BUY or should I RENT? Two Perspectives

“Rising Interest Rates”, “A Cooling of Housing Prices Expected”, “Banks Tighten Mortgage Rules”…these are the headlines dominating the Canadian real estate scene over the past few months. With this comes the longstanding question that most consumers ask themselves with regards to how they pay for housing – should I RENT or should I BUY?

The 613 Never Looked Better

Ottawa’s real estate market is booming where other markets are on the decline. Steady, slow growth, affordability at every level of buying, infrastructure projects and international business are attracted to the nation's capital for a myriad of factors.

New DND Headquarters Helps Stimulate West End Real Estate

Most of us are familiar with the landmark "needle point building" that once housed Ottawa's largest tech company, the now fallen Nortel, located just off Moodie Drive right near the 417 Highway. This iconic building sat empty for several years after the Nortel collapse, until finally the Department of National Defence made a successful bid to revamp this large 370 acre campus into their new headquarters.

Bank of Canada Changes

Back in mid-2017, news sites predicted the Bank of Canada was preparing to raise its interest rates to reflect the current economy. Speculation was rampant as to how much the rates were going to climb, with many economists predicting increases of a quarter of a percentage point. They were right.

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